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10 easy steps to get 100 dollars in tsu

02-Jun-201600.16.001. Join tsu

2. Try to collect friends in tsu

3. Add follower in tsu

4. post your original contents only. dont post any pictures taken form google. if you do so at the time of 100 dollar payment tsu will block your account.

5. Give comments and like to other friends post.

6. Post at least 3 images daily

7. Share 15 posts daily

9. Reply to your comments daily

10. Try to grow your network.

If you follow these steps, day by day your friends and followers will increase and you will get good earnings.


About tsu

Tsū is an online social networking  founded in October 2013. Tsū was created by Evacuation Complete, LLC,  which was founded on February 7 in 2008. Founders of Evacuation Complete are Sebastian Sobczak, Drew Ginsburg, and Thibault Boullenger. The site  headquarters is in New York.  you can join is tsu by this link and earn form you original content. No other social networking are not sharing their revenue to users.