Digital Alcohol Breathalyzer

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This is very useful in Schools, Colleges and Institutions to check your drivers and inmates

This New Digital Alcohol Breathalyzer Alcohol Detector is a technology compacted to a microchip based device that will fit in your hands.
Your mouth never touches the tester! Just blow (one or two seconds) into the sensor vent and you will get results in a short moment.

Our Clients include Kerala Police department, Cochin Shipyard Ltd, Petronet LNG terminal puthuvype, Public schools, and Other Private firms all over Kerala.

➢ Compact, light weight, easy to carry in pocket
➢ Audible alert and LED indication when Danger level is detected

➢ Quick response and resume

➢ Auto power off; Low battery indicator

➢ Easy to use; Just blow into the vent and you will get the results in seconds

➢ No need to recalibrate;(Microcontroller based built in automatic re-calibration system) Always Ready to use

➢ Built in Rechargeable battery (Lithium ion)

➢ 8 hours of continuous use

➢ Speed charging (Charging time 6 hours) Regulated constant current charging

➢ Sensor failure indicator (MTBF 1000 Hours)

· Specifications:

· Sensor: advanced semiconductor oxide alcohol sensor
· Range: < 30mg/100 ml
· Test accuracy: 10%
· Operating time: warm up 30 seconds (First time only), response < 4 seconds
· Dimension: 12 x 6 x 4 cm
· Power : 3.6V Lithium x 2 1200 Milli ampere

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